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“藥品搜索”的使用方法How to use Medicine Search

檢索服務網站Search service site

日本OTC藥物檢索網站OTC-medicine in Japan search website.

您可以通過掃描QR碼訪問以下URL。You can access to the following URL by scanning the QR code.

操作手冊Operation manuals to follow.

如何使用How to search

主螢幕 (智慧手機螢幕的圖像)Main screen (Image of smartphone screen)
main screen

提供如下檢索功能。Following search functions are available.

  1. 按身體部位和症狀檢索:18種分類Search by body parts and symptoms : 18 classifications
  2. 按用途(療效)檢索:18種分類Search by Uses(medicinal effects): 18 classifications
  3. 按產品名稱等任意單詞檢索Search by Product name etc. Free Word Search
按身體部位和症狀檢索 (智慧手機螢幕的圖像)Search by body parts and symptoms (Image of smartphone screen)

您可以按如下內容檢索。You can search by the contents below.

  1. (Head)
  2. 眼睛 (Eye)
  3. (Ear)
  4. (Nose)
  5. (Tooth)
  6. 面部 (Face)
  7. (Mouth)
  8. (Throat)
  9. 頸/肩 (Neck/Shoulder)
  10. 胸部/呼吸器官 (Chest/Respiratory organ)
  11. 腸胃 (Stomach and Intestine)
  12. 後背/腰 (Back/Waist)
  13. 臂/腿 (Arms/Legs)
  14. 痔瘡和泌尿系統 (Hemorrhoid and Urinary system)
  15. 皮膚 (Skin)
  16. 全身症狀 (Systemic symptoms)
  17. 女性專科症狀 (Symptoms peculiar to women)
  18. OTC測試藥 (OTC Test medicine)
按療效檢索 (智慧手機螢幕的圖像)Search by medicine’s effects (Image of smartphone screen)

您可以按如下內容檢索。You can search by the contents below.

  1. 解熱鎮痛藥 (Pain reliever/Fever reducer)
  2. 感冒藥 (Cold remedy)
  3. 鎮咳祛痰藥 (Cough/Expectorant)
  4. 鼻炎用藥 (Rhinitis)
  5. 眼藥 (Eye drops)
  6. 牙科/口腔和咽喉用藥 (Dental/Oral and throat medicine)
  7. 胃腸道藥物 (Stomach and Intestine medicine)
  8. 暈動病藥物 (for Motion sickness)
  9. 維生素/礦物質/滋補補品保健藥 (Vitamins/Minerals/Nourishing tonic health medicine)
  10. 健康飲品 (Health Drinks)
  11. 皮膚藥 (Medicine for skin)
  12. 腳癬/頑癬用藥 (Athlete’s foot- fungal infection)
  13. 痔瘡用藥 (Hemorrhoid)
  14. 戒煙輔助 (Stop smoking aid)
  15. 女性專用藥 (for Women’s Symptoms)
  16. OTC測試藥 (OTC Test medicine)
  17. 中草藥/草藥製劑 (Kampo-Traditional herbal medicine/herbal preparation)
  18. 其他 (Other)
按產品名稱等任意單詞檢索Search by Product name etc. Free Word Search

搜索結果Search result

檢索結果清單 (智慧手機螢幕的圖像)List of search results (Image of smartphone screen)

您可查看檢索結果中的如下資訊。You can check the following information as a search result.

  • 產品名稱 (Product name)
  • 用途-適應症和療效 (Uses-Indication and effect)
  • 公司名稱 (Company name)
  • 劑量方案 (Dosage regimen)
  • 內容量和價格 (Internal capacity and Price)
  • 支援的語言 (Supported language)
產品詳細資訊 (智慧手機螢幕的圖像)Product detailed information (Image of smartphone screen)

您可查看產品詳情。You can view the details of the product.

    • 金額和價格 (Amount and Price)
    • 跡象 (Indication)
    • 劑量方案 (Dosage regimen)
    • 成分/數量 (Ingredients/Quantity)
    • 特性 (Characteristic)
    • 重要參考信息 (Important reference information)
  1. 可提供多種語言(英語、簡體中文、繁體中文和韓語)PDF格式或外部連結資訊。按已選藥物)Multilingual (English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean) information may be available in PDF forms or external links. (available on selected medicines)
  2. 您可以切換到日語顯示。You can switch to Japanese display.

請根據您的症狀選擇合適的OTC 藥物,祝您在自我藥療下早日康復Please use appropriate OTC medicines for your symptoms. May good self-medication be with you.