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How to use Medicine Search

Search service site

OTC-medicine in Japan search website.

You can access to the following URL by scanning the QR code.

Operation manuals to follow.

How to search

Main screen (Image of smartphone screen)
main screen

Following search functions are available.

  1. Search by body parts and symptoms : 18 classifications
  2. Search by Uses(medicinal effects): 18 classifications
  3. Search by Product names, etc. Free Word Search
Search by body parts and symptoms (Image of smartphone screen)

You can search by the contents below.

  1. Head
  2. Eye
  3. Ear
  4. Nose
  5. Tooth
  6. Face
  7. Mouth
  8. Throat
  9. Neck/Shoulder
  10. Chest/Respiratory organs
  11. Stomach and Intestine
  12. Back/Waist
  13. Arms/Legs
  14. Hemorrhoid and Urinary organs
  15. Skin
  16. Systemic symptoms
  17. Symptoms peculiar to women
  18. OTC Test kit
Search by Uses (medicinal effects) (Image of smartphone screen)

You can search by the contents below.

  1. Pain reliever/Fever reducer
  2. Cold remedy
  3. Cough/Expectorant
  4. Rhinitis
  5. Eye drops
  6. Dental/Oral and throat medicine
  7. Stomach and Intestine medicine
  8. for Motion sickness
  9. Vitamins/Minerals/Nourishing tonic health medicine
  10. Health Drinks
  11. Skin disease
  12. Athlete’s foot- fungal infection
  13. Hemorrhoid
  14. Stop smoking aid
  15. for Women’s Symptoms
  16. OTC Test kit
  17. Kampo-Traditional herbal medicine/herbal medicine preparation
  18. Other
Search by Product names etc. Free Word Search

Search result

List of search results (Image of smartphone screen)

You can check the following information as a search result.

  • Product name
  • Uses-Indication and effect
  • Company name
  • Dosage regimen
  • Internal capacity and Price
  • Supported language
Product detailed information (Image of smartphone screen)

You will see the search result on the following.

    • Amount and Price
    • Indication
    • Dosage regimen
    • Ingredients/Quantity
    • Characteristic
    • Important reference information
  1. Multilingual (English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean) information may be available in PDF forms or external links. (available on selected drugs)
  2. You can switch to Japanese display.

Please use appropriate OTC medicines for your symptoms. May good self-medication be with you.